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Video from our performance at "Fjåge i Hillevåg" 2017 in Stavanger, Norway.



The website is updatet with a presentation of the works SALT(WATER)


The website is updated with pictures from our exhibition at the Kristinehamns Konstmuseum.



Saturday 13.05 we performed the new sett "Creatures Of The Deep" live at the opening of our exhibition at Kristinehamns Konstmuseum. 



Together with assistant professor Charlotte Tvedte (HVL) we arranged a art mediation project Å skapa, skapar, skapningar for children during the exhibition Skapningar frå djupet. To read more about this project visit the blog




The website is updated with pictures from our exhibition at Stord Kunsthall. 






Next Saturday 13.05 we will be doing a concert at the opening of Klubben arranged by Vänföreningen Kristinehamns konstmuseum‎. 



Lerin / Hystad has recieved the Kristinehamn Konstmuseum scholarship. We will open an exhibition at Kristinehamn Konstmusuem on May 13, Lerin / Hystad will also perform a concert at the opening of the show. The exhibition will be open until late August 2017. (Below you will find the motivation from the jury in Swedish)

Kristinehamns konstmuseum och Vänföreningen Kristinehamns konstmuseum har glädjen att presentera 2017 år stipendiemottagare:

Simon Torssell Lerin & Bettina Hvidevold Hystad

Juryns motivering:
Lerin/Hystads verk framkallar mångbottnade audiovisuella koncept. Båda konstnärerna utforskar genom olika processer interferenser mellan ljud, musik, fotografi, video, text och måleri. Vi blir bjudna på en resa i gränslandet mellan installation och performance som kännetecknas av både lekfullhet och exakthet - nya överraskande dörrar öppnas mellan konst och experimentell musik!

En utställning med Lerin/Hystad kommer att öppnas samtidigt med sommarutställningen den 13 maj.



The website is updated with pictures and text from our exhibition at the Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag. You will also find presentations of our new works Creatures Of The Deep and In Bloom.



Read more about our exhibition "Creature of the Deep" at Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag! The text is written by the Museum Educator Ingeborg Bodzioch!




Our exhibition "Creatures of the deep" have opened at the Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag. It is recommended by the Norwegian paper Aftenposten as one of the exhibitions to see this week.




Creatures Of The Deep is nominated to win the Gyllene Skivan 2016 for best jazz album



Our solo exhibition at the Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag opens on the 21.01.17. We will present new works from our ongoing project «Creatures of the deep» together with “Svartvatnet”, “Amaterasu” and “Mount Buzhou”.



"It's all more organic, futuristic, sparkling and exuberant. And you hear the fun going on off, thanks to the many wonderful, frivolous and sometimes almost alien sounds they produce. Thus they simply deliver their third strong listening adventure in a row."
Our new album reviewed in De Subjectivisten.



Our new album is now available on CD! Order here, releases on November 25!
Also here is a new track for you!…/time-to-leave-the-mountain



Listen to our new track Creatures Of The Deep on the Kinky Star Radio show!



"Tasteful and imbued with a childlike sense of wonder, Lerin/Hystad’s “Creatures Of The Deep” is a truly joyful album." Lerin / Hystad's new album reviewed by Beach Sloth. Check it out!



Interview with Lerin / Hystad about the new album "Creatures Of The Deep" out on November 25. Check it out!



Really fun track review of our new single Moon Jelly, check it out! Thank you very much Yeah I Know It Sucks for the feature!


New music video out now!


Our new album is now available for pre-order!
Stream and download the first track here!
This album was mainly composed on modular synthesizer and combines electronic melodies with acoustic rythms from marimba, maracas and live drums.
We hope you like it!


The Mount Buzhou and Amaterasu vinyl is now available at the LAMOUR RECORD SHOP

You can also get your copy at our EXTEMPORANEOUS RECORDINS WEBSHOP!


Watch the first video from our audio-visual zoetrope installation.
This is the first zoetrope in a series of six that will all be a part of our upcoming exhibitions next year!
The music is composed from a recording of the zoetrope engine which is processed through a modular synthesizer, modulating, filtering and triggering stuff.



Thank you for having us RAM Galleri, Spaces Speak #5.


Our new work "Hålfall" is presented on the webpage, please find it under artworks.


We are playing a concert at Spaces Speak#5, RAM Galleri in Oslo on the 18.08.16.


The concert with Damo Suzuki Network at FGT in Stockholm was sadly cancelled due to problem with Damo Suzuki flight. Hopefully we will find a new date for this concert. Information about this will be posted as soon as posible.


Lerin / Hystad are exhibiting their works Mount Buzhou and Amaterasu at Studio 17 (Stavanger/Norway) from 09-12.07.16!


Lerin / Hystad is now available on cassette released by Nonfigurativ Musikk! The casette features a live-recording from Café M in Tønsberg recorded on the 12th of March 2016!


Lerin / Hystad has a new website, here you can listen to our music, see videos and pictures. You can also follow our new projects and get updates about were we will perform and exhibit next. If you want to buy some of our releases please follow the link to the Extempouraneous Recordings website!